About Us

Welcome to V SPARKEL

Thank you so much for connecting with us. We really appreciate you, taking the time in getting to know us a little better and to give your valuable time to browse through all the amazing services that we offer at VSparkel Wellness Center. Your safety is our number one priority. At VSparkel, we only use the most trusted and reliable products and every team member is a specialist within their field. We always strive to ensure we under promise but over deliver each and every time in the delivery of your care.

Founded in 2010, by name Sparc Obesity and Cosmetic Clinic and later in the year 2023 its been renamed as VSparkel has come a long way from its beginnings in Hyderabad, India. Our aim is not just to achieve but to override our clients needs & aspirations.

Our ongoing success wouldn’t be possible without our great people. And we’re on a mission to ensure that our business continues to embrace diversity - ensuring inclusion for all kinds of people, all of the time.

We’re continuing to grow, but our overarching purpose remains simple - to help people enhance their wellbeing and quality of life