Client's Testimonials

I recently completed a weight loss training program and I couldn't be happier with the results! Their personalized approach, expert guidance, and unwavering support were exactly what I needed to achieve my goals. Not only did I lose 8 kilograms in eight weeks, but I also gained valuable knowledge about fitness and nutrition. The sessions were both challenging and rewarding, and I always felt motivated to push myself further. I highly recommend Dr Vineela to anyone looking to embark on a successful weight loss journey. Thank you for everything!

Aruna Kolan

Hi Vineela mam & Team, Thank you is small word mam, how I can express my gratitude towards your diet plan & the way you & your team response is awesome mam. This 2 months my & my family day start with your sweet voice. I am really happy to share my experience with you, I have loast 10.2 kgs in 2 months and inch loos also. Now a days I am so energetic & healthy. In 2 months – 50days I have done perfect diet even I am not compromise or deviate. but 10 days due to traveling I am not able to maintain timings. Actually I am thyriod patient but still I am reduced 10 kgs means some magic in your diet plan mam. The receipes cooking easy & taste is super good mam. My dress size changed from XL to M I am happy about this drastic change. Mainly my family members so happy about my change & health condition, because before diet dialy I am taking one pain kill tablet for my body pains, after joining diet plan I am not taking any tablets. Small request to Vinnela mam I want to meet you personally, please give your valuable appointment, because I am moving to Canada in April. I wanted to join maintenance diet plan mam. bottom of my heart I am thankfull to you mam. πŸ˜πŸ™

Malla Purnima

Hi Vineela garu and team, GM, Greetings for the day😊. I have successfully completed a month, started my diet on 31st Jan to 1st Mar with 5 to 10% deviations due to my sickness, I could achieve 6.6 kgs Weight loss. I am super excited and very happy with the results..one more month to go. Your personalized approach and messages are truly instrumental with the right guidance and support in achieving this. It's a long way to go. Start date : 31st Jan 2024 Start Weight : 97 kgs Today's Weight : 90.4 kgs Weight Difference : 6.6 kgs in 1 monthπŸ™ I am aiming for 69 kgs as my height is 165 cms and be healthy. Looking forward to continue this journey to achieve the right weight. Thanks a ton for playing a key role in my transformation. Love you ❀️ Pls convey My special thanks to the Social media Suman TV and YouTube channels on spreading this awareness which will help the people to get rid of multiple ailments and help the country to become healthy πŸ™ πŸ‘ πŸ˜€

Mamatha Kolla

Dear vineela ma'am and sparkle team, I am so overwhelmed with joy ma'am, because in 2 months diet plan, I lost 14 kgs of weight and had 7 inches of inch-loss. The main thing is, my health issues are down now and I am feeling very light in my body and mind . I didn't go for walk or exercise a single day, but yet I was able to lose weight easily with Ma'am's plan. I like the way how ma'am and her team clarified and explained my doubts during the course of the diet plan . I tried many weight loss programs before , but after joining Vineela madam's diet plan , I realized that GOD had sent vineela ma'am as his alternative to heal unhealthy people. Thank you so much Vineela Ma'am and her team. Loads of love and well wishes to you ma'am .

pradyumna lakshmi